Hippolyte et Aricie – Glyndebourne

Hippolyte et Aricie – Glyndebourne

June 2013

In conjunction with This World Productions, Nina has created projections for Glyndebourne’s new production of the Rameau Opera, Hippolyte et Aricie, directed by Jonathan Kent. Paul Brown’s design brought the baroque opera into an innovative setting – inside a fridge – and with Mark Henderson’s dramatic lighting and Ashley Page’s sensuous dance, the director’s vision of creating a modern-day baroque experience to entice all the senses was fulfilled.


The projections served two main purposes: firstly they provided the ever-present character of Destiny, projected between scenes onto the front cloth to cast his knowing and feeling gaze upon the characters of the story. In one instance, the projections provided the lead up to and final printed image for one of the flown cloths as a transition into Hell via a screaming mouth. Secondly, they provided a world beyond the windows of the set including a vision of Hippolyte drowned by the Sea Monster.

HellMouth IMG_3548

In addition to this, the design included some on-stage emotional texture work.

Most of the footage was shot on a Canon 7D camera with a fixed focus 50ml lens, providing an extremely narrow depth of field that was used to great effect.

The show opened at the end of June to an array of 4 and 5 star reviews.

Act4_MG_5192_editCropH&A Grab Interval

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