Phantom of the Opera – North American Tour

Phantom of the Opera – North American Tour


Brown’s set, augmented by Nina Dunn‘s video and projection design, Constable’s lighting, and Björnson’s costumes deserve much of the credit for the rich atmosphere in which the story of The Phantom of the Opera comes to life.

Nancy Grossman for Broadway World

Adding creepy atmosphere are the video and projection designs of Nina Dunn; subtle yet very effective.

Jeffrey Walker for Broadway World

Il Mutto Shadow

Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Phantom of the Opera has opened its North American Tour in Providence, Rhode Island. The show previously toured the UK in 2012 – 2013 to sold-out venues across the country.

Directed by Laurence Connor, the new show brings us closer to the original novel by Gaston Leroux with a darker yet more human approach to the story and an impressive new design by Paul Brown, lighting by Paule Constable and new choreography by Scott Ambler.

The visual language of the projection design  is based around a play of shadow and light, adding menacing shadows and apparitions on the one hand and creating atmosphere and enhancing the location of the action on the other. The dust of ages and old stories of Eric’s life come to life through the medium that is used with a slight of hand that lends it the quality of lighting rather than video. 

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