The Diary of a Teenage Girl – Southwark Playhouse

The central character, Minnie (Rona Morison) is an aspiring comic book illustrator and her drawings suffuse the play, realised here with the use of projections. Nina and her team animated, embellished and supplemented Glöckner’s within the video design. Video also teamed up with lighting on numerous occasions. The play presents many challenges within its episodic format and the characters on stage are often described to be in different locations from one another whilst on the phone or in imagination so Nina threaded in a code of colour that saturated the wallpaper to help outline the narrative in these instances. This was off-set by the use of naturalistic gobos also provided by projection in the more grounded scenes when Minnie is at home. Moments of action that were described as filmed in the script were also staged with the cast instead and we used projected textures to suggest the filmic nature of the excerpts. And we also had some fun during the LSD trip!

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