Pulling the Rabbit out of the hat with Future Cinema

Pulling the Rabbit out of the hat with Future Cinema

Valentine’s Day 2014

As the first in a series of events working in partnership with Future Cinema as resident Projection Designer, I worked with teams to create a wrap-around, integrated video design to support an all-singing, all-dancing show for their latest immersive Film Night, showcasing the legendary ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’.

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For the ground-breaking 1988 movie that is so famous for weaving real and cartoon characters together seamlessly on film in interactions the like of which had never before been seen, it seemed appropriate to be doing the same thing live and before the audience’s very eyes with the help fo my old friend, the trusty black gauze.

With the help of the Flippers and Framestore, we had cartoon pianos falling on Eddy and Teddy; A real Rodger skedaddling cartoon-style and of course Jessica Rabbit made a grand entrance. Add to this some gems from Betty Boop and soeme help in the trappings of the Ink ‘n’ Paint Club by way of cartoon virtual set and you have one hell of a night on your hands!

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