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I will first let the images and video speak for themselves but I have also included a selection of press quotes and collaborator testimonials below the images for reference.

Showreel 2020

I’m excited about the possibility of advancing my practice into the three dimensinal, virtual space, building updon my technical and creative experience to date and extending it into a new realm of performance through Augmented Reality. Here is an early experiment with volumetric capture:
An experimemnt in AR and Volumetrically Captured dance.

A selection of images from prevous work:

A designer with a real feeling for space, as her site-specific work on Alice’s Adventures Underground and Secret Cinema proved, Dunn also has a rare sense of scale. Working in opera has led to a clean and commanding style that is never overbearing. Her New Jersey shipyards were eerie in Arthur Miller’s The Hook; the cartoon landscapes of Usagi Yojimbo, cute and playful.

Matt Trueman – The Stage

Working with the projection team, and the completely wonderful Nina Dunn was a real highlight of the show. A visual artist who, with the added dose of mysterious tech, and second language of lumens and lux levels, transcended from artist into magician. 

Samuel Wyer – Designer, Alices’ Adventures Underground – interviewed by Creative Review

incredible, cinematic sets incorporating multimedia to great effect

Susi Wilde – The Stage on WNO’s La Bohème

How really thrilling and evocative the projections were. […] you gave us a really rich, dream-like, complex visual narrative.

Jonathan Kent – Director on Mariinsky’s Die Frau Ohne Schatten

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