The Damned United – UK Tour

The Damned United – adapted for the stage by Anders Lustgarten from the Novel by David Peace – has embarked on a UK tour with a new scenic design and redesigned video by Nina Dunn who worked with Matthew Brown as her associate.

Nina Dunn’s sparse but clever set  – Arts City Liverpool – ★ ★ ★ ★

The touring design encapsulates the world of football by drawing inspiration from the fabric of the 1960s stadium and changing rooms whilst also providing multiple projection surfaces upon which archive imagery and additional characters and other narrative elements appear.

It has been designed to be both modular and scaleable with a small footprint but big impact and two height options so as to cater for both Theatre venues as well as schools and working men’s clubs, enabling Red Ladder Theatre to bring the show to a raft of new audiences.

Among other venues, the show will run Unity Liverpool, the Pleasance Above as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the whole of August and then stop in London at the Pleasance, Islington in November. 

The projection rig – four ultra wide angle projectors – fits within a small and fixed footprint of the set with special cradles designed to facilitate the requirement for a 15 minute get in and 10 minute get out. All sound and video media is run off a single high spec mac mini running Qlab to keep costs down and making technical set up and handover as easy and accessible as possible.

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