Alice returns for another Adventure Underground

May 2017Alice returns for another Adventure Underground


The Olivier nominated immersive spectacular, Alice’s Adventures Underground, has returned to The Vaults for a limited run and has yet again been nominated for an award – this time for Entertainment Project of the Year in the AV Awards.

The show is conceived by Les Enfants Terribles and of course based on the famous Lewis Carroll novel however Anthony Spargo and Oliver Lansley have written a whole new layer into the story with lashings of mystery, magic and revolutionary undertones and a neat twist at the end.


Samuel Wyer’s design is obsessively and beautifully realised and it was an immense pleasure working with him and the team of directors – including Oli Lansley, James Seager and Joe Hufton – once again to create some unexpected and magical moments using my tools to be discovered along the way.

The video design is integral to the piece, providing both narrative and spectacle alongside Tomas Gisby’s sound and composition.

* AIW Full 4K Caterpillar Previz 5440 x 1201_01093

It’s hard for photos to do justice to the experience of being lost in Wonderland and walking in Alice’s shoes: this show really had to be seen to be believed so I’m delighted at its return.




Here are some mentions from the press to whet the appetite:

Nina Dunn’s video projections blend seamlessly with physical props, summoning animated shadow puppets and grainy old photographs which move disconcertingly.

★ Dave Fargonli – The Stage

There are gorgeous puppets, operated with real skill by the cast, and the production also makes stunning use of projections. The world they have created is sensual and touchably real, with playful details to delight you at every turn.

★ Westend Wilma

We met a huge caterpillar in a tent, who recreated the story of how Alice came to be in Wonderland through the use of stunning visual projections.

★ Stephen Sheldrake – Theatre Southeast

My team this year consisted of:

Video Systems Design – Gillian Tan
Production Video Engineer & Video Associate – Gillian Tan 
Video Associate – Zakk Hein
Programmer/Coder – Tobias Melin
2D Animators:
Matthew Brown
Nina Dunn
Zakk Hein
Louise Rhoades-Brown
Letty Fox
3D Animator – Nick Nenov
Video Production Assistant – Hayley Egan
Video Installation Crew:
Jari Laakso
Jon Rettke
John Valente 
Video Operator – Jon Rettke
Video Equipment Suppliers – Creative Technologies
Caterpillar’s Story designed and directed by Nina Dunn and Joseph Wallace
Caterpillar’s Story built & performed by:
Ailsa Dalling
Becca Rose
Joseph Wallace 

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