Wessex Dance Academy – Behind The Light

Wessex Dance Academy – Behind The Light

Nina was approached by Wessex Dance Academy to help create a dance show for their 13th Cohort of young adults. She spent three months working with them to devise a piece that a select group of of young people whose lives would been transformed by dance across a 12 week program.

Behind The Light.jpgHannah Martin and Emma Waller directed the piece with the support of the Wessex team and Nina brought on board collaborators Gillian Tan and Nicola Plant to help create the systems and software used for the reactive visuals with Nina leading the overall production design and video content.

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The design used projection to interact with the bodies of the dancers, at times lighting them sharply and at times obscuring them into the distance behind the simple yet effective gauze design. Gareth Green’s lighting complemented the geometric forms of the projected light as the dancers played within the changing and illusory environment the whole provided.

It was with great pride and a sense of true awe that the team witnessed the dancer’s progress, which culminated in a show at the Theatre Royal Winchester. The audience greeted them with an extremely well deserved vocal standing ovation.

You can find out more about the work of Wessex Dance Academy here:


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