Winner – Knight Of Illumination Awards 2015

Nina has been awarded a Knight of Illumination award for best video electronic content in the category Concert and Touring Events for her work on Alice’s Adventure Underground.

I am deeply honoured to receive this award. Although this piece was heavily content-focused, in most instances I see myself as someone who works with light and surface more than video and have been known to joke that when I grow up I’ll be a lighting designer. This award recognition brings me closer to belongings in that category. I just need a rig of moving head projectors and I’ll be happy!

As ever, collaboration was key in the process so this award belongs to the whole team behind the eight video installations that were part of Wonderland: Samuel Wyer the endlessly inventive designer, Oliver Lansley, James Seager and Anthony Spargo the crazy creators and directors; Emma Brünjes the dynamic and reactive producer, Tom Gisby and the sound team, Mike Gunning and the Lighting team and my industrious team of animators, camera people, projectionists, system engineers, programmers and riggers. Thank you and onwards!

2015-10-05 08.19.24

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