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January 2015

This year sees the start of my third year working in higher education as I embark on a new session with Mountview’s first year Theatre Production Arts students teaching ‘Digital Production’. 

Following last year’s inaugural (and in some ways experimental) run of their new Digital Production course that I formulated for them, this year I will be honing the curriculum to be set in stone in their course handbook. We saw some great results last year with a group of enthused and dynamic students, some of whom have already been able to show themselves as promising designers in their 2nd year show roles last term, which I was happily able to witness as a mentor. People even asked me whether they had experience beyond the bounds of the course to enable them to achieve the level they demonstrated in just a year and the answer was no: they learned it all here! 

Go Mountview! And bring on the new team!

LSDP Montage

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