Education: Concieving the new Digital Production module at Mountview Academy

Autumn 2013

I have always sought to track and disseminate best practice in this ever-evolving practice and now I have the chance to do this in a hands-on way with the next generation of light wizards by working alongside Kathrine Sandys, an award-winning lighting designer, to conceive a new format of Digital Production course for Mountview Academy.

The college has been running a course for a number of years but this year, Kathrine came on board and approached me as a specialist in the field of Video for Shows to help re-design and formalise the curriculum on offer.

Following a successful and rewarding few weeks as mentor to final year students in the Summer Term of 2013, I am now able to expand my educational remit with a view to providing wider insights for interested producers and creative teams alike, drawing from my experience on shows and contributions from my collaborators and fellow designers.

Watch this space for some interesting content that should result from

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