20 weeks and on my last ‘booked’ show before the new arrival…


And it’s time for Boheme in Cardiff.

This is the last show that I have booked in before I go on leave from the lush and late nights in September (though late entries in my schedule have been known at this time of year!). It’s funny how this fact focuses the mind. Since the beginning of Dutchman, I suppose have been considering not only what kind of and impression I will leave behind in my absence (you’re only as good as your last show, so some say) and also looking ahead at the brain space (or at least distance) I hope to get from my time out. I feel it’s a good time for me to appraise my practices and I feel with the past two shows, the process has already started in some way.

In reality, the planned 6 month hiatus is not a great deal of time in Theatreland: I tend to begin being involved in shows a year before they open and with Faust in the offing, that process has not stopped. I even have an inquiry for a show in 2014. I suppose it’s the big psychological life change that will make it seem so long for me at least. I’m already having to consider what to do with the baby when I travel to give a talk in Nottingham next April. Crazy.

When I broke it to the team here that I am pregnant, the response has again been overwhelmingly positive – even from the LD who brought me on board. I would hate to think I’d jeopardise the success of a recommendation he’d made by being knocked up! He liked that expression. What made me laugh, though, was the fact that WNO need to carry out a risk assessment on me. There’s a first!

I am looking forward to tech. There’s a good feeling around this show, as there was with Dutchman. And I’m glad that went well so I have that success to remember and bring through the next year and out the other side. Let’s hope this is the same. I can’t deny I’m also looking forward to coming home afterwards: I have a holiday planned but most of all, I am looking forward to sneaking in the odd afternoon nap!

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