The Dutchman Flies at ENO

The Dutchman Flies at ENO

04th May 2012

On Saturday, the ENO’s new production of The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner opened at the Coliseum in London. This daring new production is directed by Jonathan Kent, designed by Paul Brown and lit by Mark Henderson and with myself designing projections on behalf and with the help of Knifedge, as ever and with Jane Michelmore, ENO’s in-house programmer. The movement director was Denni Sayers, who deserves credit in particular for making sense of a rowdy sea of extremely up for it chorus members and actors.

Edward Gardner conducted a thrilling and pacey show that kept everyone on the edge of their seats and filled the Coliseum to the brim with expansive melody.

Our video projections play an important narrative role throughout the production, revealing the tale of the The Dutchman to be a recurring figment of the main character’s imagination.

In a dramatic overture, the audience sees a child in bed at the heart of a dark and wild storm, surrounded by the crashing waves of the storybook she clutches.  This sets up the director’s concept of the progression from a child’s reality through a woman’s fantasy to a final obsession.

From a technical perspective, the kit consisted of 6 Panasonic projectors, 12 on-stage video monitors, 3 Catalyst Media servers and a Hog lighting desk.

The show runs in rep at the Coliseum until 23rd May 2012. More information. All Photographs © Robert Workman

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