18 weeks and the Dutchman is a success!

The Flying Dutchman - Wagner - English National Opera - 28 April 2012Daland - Clive BayleySenta - Orla BorlanErik - Stuart SkeltonMary - Susanna Tudor-ThomasThe Steersman - Robert MurrayThe Dutchman - James CreswellDirector - Jonathan KentDesignWe have opened Dutchman after a very pleasant, if frenetic, technical rehearsal period. All my fears about suddenly succumbing to tiredness or sickness were thankfully for nothing as the adrenaline and excitement of a growing bump carried me through.Thankfully, it would also seem that over the past two weeks, I have re-gained my ability to drink caffeine. And what good timing! Having a bought latte in hand on arrival to the Theatre felt like a real treat.

As for my colleagues’ reactions, my exponential growth means that whereas at the start of rehearsals I could have disguised the fact, by the end, everyone was aware. The reactions ranged from impressed (as to how I could carry on working and looking up together – nice to know – to extreme curiosity and mock-to-serious care, particularly from the designer of the show who is also a good friend. If the child were to haveĀ  a godfather of Theatre, I think he would be it. I certainly felt proud standing on stage as the tabs dropped after the curtain call (possibly the best moment of opening night), joking with him that my unborn child may be the youngest to ever take a bow on the stage of the Coliseum!

One reaction that has been interesting is that of a female designer (and also mother) who I have worked with regarding next year’s commitments. She may be the more realistic of us and certainly has experience but I’m having to work hard to convince her that I will be in a position to co-design projections for another Russian adventure. She may be right but for my part, I feel the need to have something booked in and a co-design would strike the perfect balance, even if it is in Russia.

But it would seem other shows are on the cards with an inquiry for 2014 that has just come through so she’s probably right – I needn’t worry.

For now, I need to focus on curtailing my show lag and cracking on with Boheme!

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