15 weeks and about to head back into the Theatre

I am starting to show a little now and I have caught myself waddling! No reason to be doing that yet so I had words and it has stopped. I am also feeling movement, which is reassuring.

On the brink of the DutchmanDutchmanShoot_Colour_MVI_2469

How do I feel about going into a tech? Well, as usual, looking forward to it. The week prior to a tech is generally crazy busy with machines rendering libraries of content ahead of programming and the days start to get longer. This time, however, I can’t seem to get myself panicked and manic as usual. There seems to be an overriding ‘stop’ button that pushes every now and then, preventing me from tipping to the brink. Good self-defence for once!

But I am suddenly REALLY hungry. I wonder if there’s a growth spurt going on inside. I’m also still feeling sick after I eat but maybe that’s because I’m allowing myself chocolate again in what feels like a devil-may-care attitude (we ‘with child’ live it WILD). So I have signed up for regular Graze boxes and I will have to shop for healthy tech food snacks galore.

The only worry I have is that the heavy incapacitating tiredness will return just when I’m on a night call. Let’s hope the adrenaline will carry me through as it’s going to be a bit like that.

Early listeners

And by the time we open, ‘minime’ should be able to hear sounds so they will be weaned on Wagner on repeat. I think I approve. Puccini next so that’s a nice variety.

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